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Want to STOP SMOKING? If you do, I can help you to Quit smoking or to ease your stress by the use of Hypnosis.

Possibly the BEST Smoking Therapy available. Get the VERY BEST Smoking Cessation Therapy for just 95.00

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email: abc@b2hypnotherapy.co.uk


Peter Waknell DH, BSY (REG).

39 Sowerberry Close,

Chelmsford, Essex.


Phone:  44 (0) 1245 441858            


email: abc@b2hypnotherapy.co.uk

I would be pleased if you would sign my GuestbookGuestbook


 The above e-mail address is TEMPORARY and will be changed as soon as SPAM starts arriving on it. If you e-mail me I will respond using a a completely different address which I would ask you to use for any on going correspondence.

The contact form which was on this page has also been removed. These actions have been taken due to constant "spamming" by the low life that lurks in the shadows of the Internet.

I apologise and unreservedly lay the blame for this in the lap of those selfish people who seek to gain by the popularity of certain websites. 

Peter Waknell

Phone: 44 (0) 1245 441858  

Mobile: 0771 241 3159

email: abc@b2hypnotherapy.co.uk

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