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Want to STOP SMOKING? If you do, I can help you to Quit smoking or to ease your stress by the use of Hypnosis.

Possibly the BEST Smoking Therapy available. Get the VERY BEST Smoking Cessation Therapy for just 95.00

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Free Initial Consultation

If you live within a reasonable distance of Chelmsford, Essex, to discuss your problem in detail, or to see how the therapy I offer can help you, just phone and book a free initial consultation. We discuss, but do not use hypnosis, during this session.

In taking up this offer neither you nor I will be under any obligation whatsoever. Virtually anyone can be hypnotised but not all are suited to Hypnotherapy. This is when we can decide whether you will benefit from the Therapies I offer and what would be the most suitable way forward for you. (In some circumstances, home visits can be arranged.)


Phone 01245 441858 now, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose.


Some of my colleagues do not offer free consultations. However, I firmly believe we need to establish a good level of rapport before starting Therapy of any kind. Talking a problem through, often helps itself.

Note: It must not be assumed that other Therapists will offer free initial consultations. Although I consider it essential, others disagree and I have to respect their opinion.

Peter Waknell

Phone: 44 (0) 1245 441858  

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Book a FREE Initial Consultation       Ring: 01245 441858        or e-mail me from the Contact Page