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Can You CURE someone of being GAY?

Absolutely – NOT!

But where I have had great success with Gay People is in helping them come to terms with their Sexuality and the reasons for it.

One case springs immediately to mind of an openly Gay man who, whilst accepting who he was and what he was, still had issues whereby, by some strange subconscious twist, he unwittingly blamed one of his parents for the fact that he was gay.

He had struggled to come to terms with his sexuality during his teens but as he matured he felt he had “sorted” himself out.

Within the Analytical process for a totally unrelated presenting problem, he came to accept that his parent was NOT to blame in any way. This opened up a complete new chapter in his life in which dialogue between him and his parents improved beyond recognition. They all became great FRIENDS!

All of his problems, both those related to his sexuality and those which were not, seemed to disappear into insignificance with the release of one seemingly unimportant emotional event.

The following e-mail quote says much

Hi, feeling great. I do not know if anyone else has related the hypno experience like this, but just something for you to know: I feel like I have been reborn........I don't mean that to sound over the top, I just feel like so much baggage has been shed from my shoulders that I can actually enjoy life once more.

There is so much that HYPNOTHERAPY can HELP with

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