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Want to STOP SMOKING? If you do, I can help you to Quit smoking or to ease your stress by the use of Hypnosis.

Possibly the BEST Smoking Therapy available. Mention that you came via the website and get a £10 reduction from my normal fee. I already charge what I believe to be the lowest fees but will match any legitimate fee quoted by a local Therapist. Get the VERY BEST for even less!

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A superb range of products to assist for Professional Hypnotherapists; Scripts, Therapy Programs, Books and CDs are available from:

Hypnotherapist’s Calculation Program for Smoking Costs

Now available for other Therapists to buy and use

Hypnotherapy can HELP people quit Smoking but the quality of the Therapists presentation can have a profound effect on the outcome. This Program will improve YOUR presentation. 


Sent by e-mail – so there are NO POSTAGE COST


This is an EXCEL Spreadsheet covering 6 Sheets with full presentation guide lines and instructions provided. NO SPECIAL SKILLS required


Can be Personalised so that YOUR Therapy Practice Name and Contact Details appears on the Summary/Print out (if requested by separate e-mail) – this delays the sending slightly.


See example below. This shows the final sheet which can be accessed either through the full presentation (advisable for best impact) or directly after the input screen has been completed.


The Therapist Inputs the Client’s Age, when s/he commenced Smoking, the Quantity the Client currently Smokes per day, the Cost s/he pays for 20, their estimation of the increase in price per year and, finally, their Income Tax band.


Either scroll through the 6 sheets by single clicks of the Mouse on the tabs which appear at the bottom of the screen, and follow the Simple Script or alternatively, go directly to the Summary/Print out Sheet.


If requested I will Personalise the Print out with your own Therapy Practice Name and Contact Details.


I have fine tuned the presentation method over the 8 years that I have been helping people Quit Smoking and assure you that EVEN THOSE WHO SAY THAT THE COST DOESN’T BOTHER THEM can be visibly taken aback with the results of this program


This is how the Summary Sheet appears: 

The above would carry YOUR Practice details and is the Final Sheet which is given to the Client.

Don't forget to tell me - YOUR PRACTICE NAME, Telephone, e-mail and website addresses and anything else you would like added to YOUR Summary Sheet


Buy it Now through Paypal

for £3.99 (previously £7.50)

A copy of the Spreadsheet will be e-mailed, with simple instructions, as soon as I am able to fully Personalise it for you (usually within 24 hours)


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