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There is no reason for you to put up with something which is

INSIDE yourself and yet OUTSIDE your control.

You need have absolutely no fear of Hypnosis as it is a completely SAFE and NATURAL phenomena which is self induced aided by directions given by the Therapist.

When used for Therapeutic purposes, Hypnosis is a thoroughly pleasurable experience wherein the client remains fully conscious and aware of all that is going on. The client is NOT ASLEEP, cannot be made to say or do anything against their will and is not  manipulated in any way.

Forget all you have ever seen on Stage shows. Therapeutic Hypnosis is just not like that.

There are a remarkable number of people who began as total sceptics and who have since discovered the power of the natural phenomena of Hypnosis and the part that Hypnotherapy can play in assisting them to live a natural and improved life.

The Relaxation induced during an Hypnotic session, and which can spill over into your everyday living, allows the immune system to do what it was intended to do; i.e. fight infection and dis-ease rather than stress.

The intention of all the information on this site, is to convince you that there is no reason why anybody should put up with something which is inside them, and yet, outside their control. In outlining the services available from B2 Hypnotherapy, you may discover how these same services may well be of benefit to you in your daily life.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis, when used for therapeutic purposes, would be better described as Relaxology. It is an absolutely safe and perfectly natural phenomena which is completely drug free and non addictive.

It is a state which is self induced assisted by the directions of the hypnotist, it is a state of deep mental and physical relaxation combined whilst the concentration is focussed. This induces a state of heightened awareness. 

All kinds of misconceptions abound about Hypnosis. Here are some


The client remains conscious at all times

The client is not asleep (usually)

The client is unlikely to "feel" hypnotised.

The client remains in complete control at all times.

The client is not manipulated or made to do anything which they do not want to do.

The client cannot get "stuck" in hypnosis.

The client will suffer no unpleasant side effects.

Once in a state of Hypnosis, the conscious mind can be almost "shut-down" allowing positive ideas, strategies and concepts to be accepted and acted upon by the sub≠-conscious.

At this same time the subconscious can be encouraged to release that pent up anxiety, usually associated with one time learning experiences, which result in Phobic responses.

Hypnosis is nothing more than a wonderfully relaxing experience which everyone can enjoy.

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