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When you struggle to sleep (Insomnia) or when you do not get the full benefit from the sleep that you do get you could be helped by this revolutionary CD (with full Money back Guarantee).

Often with such conditions I would recommend that they be resolved through Analytical Therapy but, the product you will find by following the links on this page, gives a very convenient and, whilst I would refrain from using the word "CURE" as freely as is used on the linked site, agree that it offers what is often a highly effective solution to the problem

25% of People Suffer from Sleep Deprivation. Have you suffered from those endless nights of staring at the ceiling? You're frustrated... nothing is happening... you thought you COULD get to sleep, but you just can't. It's SERIOUS. You shuffle about... you watch TV... you read a book... but NOTHING helps.

You're simply SETTING YOURSELF UP for a miserable day tomorrow. And the worst part is that this happens AGAIN and AGAIN... to 25% of us, in varying degrees... and there's absolutely NO escape!

The Science Behind the SECRET CURE for Sleeplessness! 
The brain operates at certain frequencies. Those frequencies determine your current state of mind, such as being wide awake and alert, or being in a state of deep relaxation.

For example, when your brainwaves are operating at between 8 and 12Hz, you're in a state of "relaxed awareness" - something scientists call the Alpha state.

What if you could RECORD that noise frequency of 8 to 12Hz and play it back to your mind? Your brainwaves would alter to match the frequency and the sound would RECREATE that exact state of "relaxed awareness."

HOWEVER, your ears can only hear between 20 and 20,000Hz. So there's no way you can play back lower frequencies and have a direct influence your brainwaves.
BUT here’s the exciting bit!

Back in 1839, a German scientist called H.W. Dove discovered a way of allowing the brain to hear those low frequencies. He played a tone of (say) 400Hz into one ear, and 410Hz into the other ear.

What happened was that a third beat was generate INSIDE the mind, consisting of the difference between the two tones. So, in this case, the listener began experiencing the 10Hz frequency... called the "binaural beat"... which in turn induced a state of relaxed awareness.

Today, modern science enables us to monitor and verify this EXACT process using electroencephalograph (EEG) readings. Huge research studies have determined the exact frequencies needed to bring about certain states of mind. We've moved beyond just the typical Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta ranges... scientists have now targeted exact frequencies to release endorphins, to get rid of headaches, to inspire creativity, to influence almost any state of mind.

You'll find binaural beats on the famous Centerpointe, Monroe Institute, and Nightingale Conant recordings! The CD recording on offer here begins at 14Hz and goes down to a relaxing 0.9Hz.

It has been strategically designed, using all the latest scientific research, to take you from being wide awake to sound asleep. And it works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In fact, you will probably NEVER EVEN HEAR THE END OF THE CD!

With the full MONEY BACK Guarantee you have NOTHING to lose

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