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Want to STOP SMOKING? If you do, I can help you to Quit smoking or to ease your stress by the use of Hypnosis.

Possibly the BEST Smoking Therapy available. Get the VERY BEST for even less - Just 95.00!

Quit Smoking (for just £95.00)

using HYPNOSIS with B2 Hypnotherapy

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The Anti Smoking Programme

Stopping Smoking CAN be easier with HYPNOSIS than you believed possible!

Utilising the truly powerful, yet ridiculously simple, strategy which I call the B2 Action Plan.

This is probably the most popular of all my services. It is the one in which I have specialised since 1997.

Hypnotherapy is widely recognised as being one of the most successful ways of giving up smoking. Past results of clients of B2 Hypnotherapy would certainly support this.

However, as you will see in other areas of my main site, contrary to common belief, you will nor could you ever, be made to do anything against your will whilst in the state of hypnosis.

For that reason, it is IMPERATIVE that the client is 100% DETERMINED and WANTS to quit before seeking the help of B2 Hypnotherapy.

For many, Hypnotherapy alone is enough for them to quit Smoking, both easily and completely. But as we are all individuals, this unfortunately does NOT apply to all.

To help those who may otherwise struggle, I have designed this Multi-Pronged approach which can be of great assistance to all.

If I can strike a chord with you, by stooping as low as I can, using gimmicks and every known trick in the book (plus a few more) in order to make you even more determined to quit this evil habit, then we are on the road to success.

By then working on your belief system and putting the thing that you fear and respect into perspective, we gain even more momentum.

Add to this a Strategy - The B2 Action Plan and follow this with Hypnotherapy, then we have, what I claim to be, possibly the most successful and powerful package available.

The Program itself consists of the main session and, some 7 to 14 days later, a booster session.

The main session commences with a computer slide show (mail order clients receive a folder containing copies of selected slides).

What to expect, or more appropriately what not to expect, of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is explained in depth.

The dangers of the smoking habit are clearly outlined. (Be prepared for some highly enlightening information which may surprise you!).

Your own Belief System is then challenged to dispel some common myths.

Symptom substitution is explained in detail.

You are then presented with the all important B2 Hypnotherapy Action Plan which is one of the reasons for the remarkably high success rate I have.

Here is a truly simple, yet extremely effective, strategy which is fully explained as are ways of introducing it into other areas of your life.

We then come to the Hypnotherapy Session.

Whilst experiencing the wonderfully relaxing feeling called hypnosis, your critical conscious mind is put to one side allowing access to the subconscious.

During this time, carefully worded positive suggestions, designed to cement and reinforce the ideas and concepts which have already been discussed, are used.

At the end of the main session it is common to discover a surprising fact which will convince most clients that, although they have been quietly relaxing and listening to my words, something rather special has happened. I'll leave that until that time!.

The second session, one to three weeks later is purely a booster. It gives a chance for the client to enjoy the Hypnotic experience for a second time and to deepen their commitment and strengthen the long term effects.

The main session is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours in duration, and the booster session is approximately 25 minutes.


FAQs regarding FEES and RESULTS with specific reference to Smoking

1, Why is your charge (£95.00) so LOW?

I have minimal costs and this is reflected in my charges to Clients:

a, I do not advertise other than via my websites which costs just virtually nothing to maintain.

b, I work from my home, so I do not have the extra overheads that many Therapists do.

c, I do not rely on Hypnotherapy for a living.

d, I consider that £95 for a little over 2 hours work, for doing a job, a job which I thoroughly enjoy, from the comfort of my own home to be a pretty good rate.

 2, Do those that charge hundreds of pounds get better results than you?

a, I would very much doubt it! – some of them have been instructed, all be it indirectly, by me, as my methods have been incorporated in some way into various Training Courses. 

b, I have been practising since 1997 and have tried and tested methods which I have “tweeked” over the years so that the same program suits all character types

c, I paraphrase an eminent local Therapist on witnessing my presentation, who was, at that time charging at least double my fee and has since moved on to training other Therapists “You certainly put me to shame with the depth of your program!”

d, I have no doubt that some newly trained Therapists (and some established ones) are cashing in on the smoking ban. Many do not really like working with Smokers. For me, Smokers are my favourite Clients!

e, I regularly get Clients who have previously been to other Therapists. I can 100% say that I have never had one say anything other than that my methods are much better than that which they received elsewhere. (I cannot know however if others of my Clients go on to tell other Therapists similar stories about me!!)

3, What is your success rate?

a, No Therapist can TRUTHFULLY give you an answer to this question.

b, The only contact I have with Clients after the main session is the Booster Session 7 to 21 days later. The results at that stage are well in excess of 90%.

c, I can also say that I often get indirect positive feedback from Clients who have been recommended by previous Clients. These are usually the successful ones of course

4, What Guarantee of success is there?

Remember that all I am doing as the Therapist, is HELPING the Client to quit. Along will all other Hypnotherapists, I have no powers whatsoever!!

Hypnosis is POWERFUL but definitely NOT MAGIC.

Any Guarantees come from the CLIENTS side of the “contract”:

a, The CLIENT’S Determination to succeed

b, The CLIENT’S Commitment

c, The CLIENT’S Belief System and their willingness to change

I can offer no guarantees, any more than a Doctor can guarantee the effectiveness of a prescription.

If a prescribed medicine is taken in the correct dose then it will most likely be effective.

Hypnotherapy can be likened to this analogy.



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Peter Waknell

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Possibly the BEST Smoking Therapy available. Get the VERY BEST for even less - Just 95.00!